Anna Demouchet, CDFA®
Divorce Consultant & Life-After Divorce Empowerment Coach
Phone: 503-520-1848
Email: [email protected]


It's time to take life-after-divorce to the next's time to thrive!

Even though your life or marriage did not go as planned, you have the ability to start over and create a life you love!

Regardless of your current situation, it is possible to thrive!  Hope starts here!

Life-After-Divorce Coaching - Moving Into Empowerment:
  • How to build a new life that you love
  • Emotional Processing & how to deal with loneliness
  • Dating after separation
  • Moving from victim and blame consciousness into empowerment
  • Daily practices to shift your consciousness and mindset
  • Understanding and upleveling your limiting beliefs about what is possible for your life and love
  • ​Creating a new vision for your life

It is time to create a new paradigm in divorce and separation - empowerment!  You can take what you've been through and use it as an opportunity to heal and grow and connect with your true self and your best life.  Let's create a higher vision for your life - write your own happy ending!
Contact me to schedule a free 30-minute phone call to talk about the new vision for your life!
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