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Many people have negative beliefs about the financial aspects and outcomes of divorce, believing that one or both parties must "lose".  While there are certainly many examples of this, it is also possible to create a win-win situation that can serve both individuals and families involved in divorce.  It's time to uplevel this belief and expand into a new level of what's possible in separation and divorce - prosperity!  

Regardless of your current situation, it is possible.  Hope starts here!

Financial Empowerment: Moving toward prosperity consciousness after separation or divorce:
  • Value-driven budgeting
  • Creation of spending and savings plans based on goals and values
  • Practical guidance on saving, spending and working toward your goals
  • Evaluation of current budget and financial situation
  • Education and basics for those who did not previously handle finances
  • Guidance on moving from scarcity and victim consciousness into empowerment and prosperity consciousness
  • Understanding and upleveling your limiting beliefs about money
  • ​Daily practices to uplevel your prosperity and change your mindset about money
After more than a decade in the financial services industry I have been involved with every aspect of finance from budgeting to long term financial planning.  Since becoming a Spiritual Teacher in 2015, I have learned about the spiritual aspects of finance: scarcity vs. prosperity consciousness, limiting beliefs about wealth, and value based (spirit-led) spending and living.  

I have found that no matter the value of your bank account, you can feel abundance or lack, stress or flow.  What matters most is not what you earn or the value of your assets, it's your mindset and your beliefs about wealth, money and life.  It's your belief about what is possible for you, what you deserve and how you feel about life and money.  

I no longer do financial planning in the traditional sense (and have retired my financial licences for such).  I now focus on helping people create true abundance from within - from a level of mindset and self worth - a prosperity consciousness.  I believe this should be the basis for all financial planning and is the starting point to true abundance and financial freedom.

During and after separation and divorce, you have the opportunity to use this great life change as a starting point to move from victim and blame consciousness into an empowered consciousness.  You have the opportunity to start over.  While you may not have planned this life event, it can be the starting point to create the life that feels truly abundant for you and your family.  It's time for a new story...write your own happy ending!

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NOTE: I am no longer a financial advisor and I do not advise clients in any capacity for financial or retirement planning.  I am a licensed Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®.  I am not licensed in any other capacity in the financial field or associated with any financial services company.  My focus is now on the spiritual side of wealth and creating wealth consciousness, not financial planning.